Registration Is Closed for 2018


Thank you to all the vendors that completed applications for this year's Marigold Parade. To those who were not able to complete the application before the deadline, we hope you will try again next year. We truly wish we could accommodate everyone, but due to space constraints, we can only accommodate a limited number of vendors.


If your application was completed, you should hear back in the coming days whether your application was accepted based on the parade standards we have described. Please check back on this page for any last minute details up to and including on parade day. For further questions please, contact us here.

Arts & Crafts and Food Vendor Registration

"Protect our Sacred, Lucha por lo que amas"

The Día de los Muertos Celebration and Marigold Parade Planning Committee invites you to participate in the DDLM Arts and Crafts & Food Fair. Arts and Craft Vendors present fine art, folk art, crafts, clothing and other items featuring Día de los Muertos or related Mexican@/Chican@ themes. We encourage artisans and artists who work on such themes to participate. However, art work must be original; mass-produced or factory-made items will be rejected. Food vendors are also welcome to apply for the Food Fair.

We request a donation of 20% of your evening’s proceeds and one item from your stock to raffle to help cover the costs of the event. This year we are also requesting a $25.00 registration fee submitted on a voluntary basis as we did last year. Spaces are 10’ x 10’ each. You will be responsible for providing a table(s) and any supplies needed to set up your booth. Vendor spaces are outside the Community Center. Please bring your own shade. Set-up will begin at 12:00 noon. Please no early birds. The crowd and the Parade will arrive at 3:00 p.m. The Celebration will end at 6:00 p.m.